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A timely repeat - which in the first episode discusses religious foundations of Russia

"Fighters for al-Qa’ida-linked groups in Syria’s civil war have proved adept at using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to recruit foreign fighters, with messages and images exhorting young Muslims to join a holy war against Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime."

"In a rare interview, a self-confessed Saudi atheist spoke of the need to maintain a semblance of belief in religion in front of others, telling the interviewer that he was “shocked by the number” of atheists. The interviewee went on to cite social media as tools that made it easier for atheists to find each other. Indeed, the advent of Twitter and Facebook saw a proliferation of self-professing Gulf atheist accounts usually with the word “atheist” or “humanist” in the name, virtually all of them anonymous."

Let’s hope others follow this initiative. “This unprecedented step by the Indonesian Council of Ulama, in the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, declares illegal hunting or illegal trading of endangered species to be haram (forbidden).”

"Social networks, which have been a source of irritation for the government in recent months as a vehicle for publishing leaks about officials accused of corruption, were soon awash with snapshots and video clips of police firing tear water cannons and tear gas at protesters, who replied by hurling insults and stones at armored police vehicles on Istiklal Street, a popular pedestrian walkway in central Istanbul."

Story includes more photos of the robot and Mr Rezaei. “Rezaei who has built a robot to show to children how to execute daily prayers, has innovated an amusing way of encouraging young children to say their daily prayers by using the science of robotics.”