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"Within hours of the Philippines arrest of an Australian convert to Islam who used the internet to urge people to join ‘jihad’, a Facebook page calling for his release hit the social media site.

"Robert Edward Cerantonio, 29, who also goes by the name Musa Cerantonio, was detained on Friday in the central Filipino city of Cebu where he is believed to have been hiding from Australian authorities, despite claiming he had arrived in the Middle East just days before."

"Darul Ifta, the fatwa-issuing department of the UP-based Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband, launched its website in 2007. Till date, it has issued 14,581 fatwas in Urdu, and 7,045 in English. "We decided to accept queries for fatwas online to reduce the load on our staff," says Noamani. The number of queries has gone up in recent years because of the online facility. "A decade ago we used to get around 10,000 queries yearly. This number is around 25,000 today plus 5,000 via email," says a source from Darul Ifta."

"Eight Facebook activists in Iran been jailed for a total of 127 years for making posts critical of the ruling regime."